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A glimpse of what we can offer you!


Gas bottles and portable heater are a versatile energy solution for a variety of uses for your business, home, garden or caravan. Whether you’re looking to buy a new gas bottle or exchange an empty cylinder, we offer a comprehensive selection in various sizes to meet every need.

Portable Heaters & Bottled Gas Delivered To Your Door


We provide a delivery service to your door no matter where or who you are a commercial property or residential property.


we take care in building a personal relationship with our customers to enbale us to provide for your every need.

Commercial Gas Bottles


We have a wide range of products to meet your business’s needs. Our bottles can be for various purposes such as:

  • Agricultural

  • Outdoor cooking events

  • Commercial mobile heating

  • Commercial Cooking

  • Festivals

  • Fork Lift Trucks

  • Paint stripping, blowtorches

  • Small to Large machinery

  • Patio Heating

  • And much more!

Residential Gas Bottles


From heating you home to social events we have every bottle and heater to accommodate you needs:

  • Portable heaters

  • Barbeques

  • Patio heaters

  • Caravans

  • Mobile heaters

  • And much more!


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